Specializing in Clothing Alterations since 1973

Tailor & Co Clothing Alterations Franchise specializes in creating style by mending and altering clothes into a perfect and high-quality look at convenient prices, always keeping the shape and style of all the garments.

Tailor & Co is present in the most important malls and shopping centres offering to the fashion industry and its clients a “specialized clothing alteration service”.
Clients can enjoy their free time while their clothes are being repaired. At the same time, fashion stores can offer a quick service so that their clients don’t need to wait for 3 or 4 days to pick up their clothes.

With 43 franchised stores in Spain, Portugal, Chile and Andorra, Tailor & Co Franchise is proud to offer a kind, high quality and quick service, which made us earn the respect, not only of our clients, but also of the leaders of the retail sector.


Tailor & Co is a Barcelona-based family company founded in 1999, with 37 years experience in alterations and the fashion world.

The Barcelona textile tradition, together with our expertise in the area -not only in fashion and clothing alterations but also in smart resources management – have led to our continuous growth.

With an invoicing of 5.1 million pounds, almost 1 million of satisfied customers, convenient locations in malls, shopping centres and in the high street, our exclusive “Tailor & Co Management Method”, 500,000 alterations per year and more than 40% of our franchisees managing more than one store, our Tailor & Co Clothing Alteration has become the most innovative profitable franchise.

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